11/01/09 w/ Michael Rother

11/01/09 w/ Michael Rother

Amazing new music journal Mountain Fold was kind enough to print the full transcript of our Michael Rother interview. I spoke to the NEU!/Harmonia artist during his recent Australian ATP appearance but could only ever broadcast a 20 minute edit of our in-depth one hour discussion. The story of NEU! is definitely a fascinating one so interested heads should pick up this free magazine from their local independent record store, gallery, live venue or fashion boutique stat! The debut issue of Mountain Fold includes features on Beaches, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Fabulous Diamonds, Naked on the Vague and Songs; with each band currating a double page spread to companion their candid interviews.


laid back – fly away/walking in the sunshine
tri atma – neverending
julian jonah – jealousy & lies
underground resistance – amazon
rhythim is rhythim – nude photo

**michael rother (harmonia/neu!) interview**
neu! – hallogallo
neu! – negativland
harmonia – dino
neu! – hero
cluster – caramel
harmonia – notre dame
harmonia – kekse
harmonia – veterano

can – flow motion
bill withers – you got the stuff (black cock edit)
shuggie otis – xl-30
marvin gaye – after the dance (instrumental)
peter ivers – miraculous weekend

faust – jennifer

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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