16/02/14 w/ Voodoo Funk

16/02/14 w/ Voodoo Funk

The real West Africa shipped from Nigeria via Costa Rica, the current coordinates for the nomadic Frank Gossner. Gossner has committed the last decade fully immersed in the music of the continent, trawling Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria for records and sharing his bounty via the Voodoo Funk label and blog. From Ghanan rare groove combo Kelenkye Band to an Afro funk grail from Freedom Family, he has lovingly researched, restored and reissued some of the region’s rarest works. Continuing the tradition with this mix, he adds:

“This might just be the heaviest mix yet. I started out with a bunch of funk and disco tunes, some of them unknown stuff and some personal hits that people might have heard before. The middle part is native Edo funk which is a local style from Benin City (South East Nigeria -no relations to Benin the country) and I wrapped things up with three seriously deep Afrobeat tracks that I’m pretty sure nobody outside of Nigeria has ever heard before. All records are from Nigeria.”

This year the label will release Vol 2 of the Lagos Disco Inferno compilation (watch the teaser here), a spiritual Afro Jazz record by Mary Afi Usuah, the Black Hippies’ debut and plenty more. Get ready!


marco – i’m coming home
denaji – wuhti (dj sotofett’s bhakti crew mix feat. paleo logos)
julien babinga – m’bongui-percussions
pasteur lappe – sekelimania (nku bilam)
ondeno – mayolye
witch – movin’ on

**voodoo funk ‘out there’ mix**

sorry no playlist in hope that much of this material will be reissued

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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