04/01/14 NTS x NIMH Live From Melbourne

04/01/14 NTS x NIMH Live From Melbourne

While its a fantasy being part of a monthly NTS Radio schedule that now includes shows from Test Pressing, Velvet Season & the Heart of Gold, Trevor Jackson, Future Times, FunkinEven, Cherrystones, The Trilogy Tapes, Floating Points, Ivan Smagghe and Young Turks, I still long for the live broadcasting experience; that direct to the listener contact and on-the-go rush that shows no forgiveness for mistakes.

Thanks to the London station’s proposal, we kicked off the year with an 11 hour live stream, transmitted from Michael Ozone’s new warehouse space in Melbourne. Animals Dancing were kind enough to grant us a few acts from their whopping NYD bill (the dream team of Lovefingers, Willie Burns, Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash) while Tuff Sherm jetted in from Sydney to join locals Andras Fox, Standish/Carlyon, Ozone, Hey Convict and Mikey Young. An audience was also present to convert ambience into atmosphere.

The near complete archive is available below (all downloadable via soundcloud).


Morning tea served by your host and awkward voice. After all the commotion setting everything up, I hadn’t put any thought into what to play. The impossible puzzle. Dangerous.


Mikey is a bit of a local hero having co-founded Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control and Lace Curtain as well as boasting production and mixing credits on some of the greatest Australian records of the last 10 years. This nice guy loves his Mornington Peninsula solitude and has a great ear for psych, soft rock and synth weird.


Resolving some unfinished Melbourne business and finally securing a live Noise In My Head set from Andras Fox (though he did contribute a mix last year). Includes tape hiss from his Oscar Key Sung collaboration ‘Embassy Cafe’, his instrumental floatation tank funk EP ‘Erskine Falls’ and the forthcoming ‘Cafe Romantica’. This is the best music going round right now.


Hey Convict are an Aussie duo now split between Melbourne and New York (here we have the NYC chapter Jason Evans). They’ve gifted us a slew of cult mixtapes and worked with Dunkelziffer’s Dominik Von Senger for his Golf Channel releases. Jason was also part of the Purple Brain project which is rumoured to see a sequel on RVNG in 2014.


Unfortunately the back up of Standish/Carlyon‘s set of seductive dub was all vocals and not much else – a false document of their consuming sound. We highly recommend you pursuing the real thing and buying their Deleted Scenes album (out through Chapter Music). For fans of Rhythm and Sound, Talk Talk and Adrian Sherwood. We’ll have to do something with them again soon.


Melbourne DJ/producer Michael Ozone has his own style of ethno-electronics. No carbon copy bullshit here. Dropped his debut 12″ on ESP Institute and has since launched Home Loan Records to issue local greats Andras Fox, Total Control, Zanzibar Chanel and No Zu. His whole real estate agent persona is pure non-fiction – the industrious Ozone finds unutilized properties and converts them into creative studios and event spaces, including this broadcast location. Couldn’t have done this without him.


Two artists who we’ve been long championing – London based meditative musician Jonny Nash of (Land of Light, Sombrero Galaxy and Kham Lingtsang Band), and LA young gun Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft, who is also 1/3 of The Pharaohs. Performing live for the second time having only met last month, improvising on gear loaned by Andras Fox, Roland Tings and Michael Ozone. Could have been a disaster. Turned heaven sent.


Aka Sydney prodigy Dro Carey. This dancefloor destroyer had 18 releases out by the time he was 20, the most recent of which were issued on The Trilogy Tapes (‘Shrapnel Maestro’ and ‘Burglar Loops’ are must checks). He had me freaking after I witnessed him play b2b with Funkineven and he repeated the shock here in Melbourne. Eugene also studies screen music and just scripted a comic for Artifacts.


Willie Burns aka Speculator aka Black Deer aka Gackle. Prolific producer for L.I.E.S., Emotional Response, Crème Organization and The Trilogy Tapes, radio show host (presenting weekly on Brooklyn station Newtown Radio), swim teacher and bossman of WT Records. Turning the party into real radio.


The spirit guide behind ESP Institute whose graduates include Tornado Wallace, Young Marco, Cos/Mes, Land of Light and Soft Rocks. All roads lead to this LA native. This closing set marks his forth appearance on Noise In My Head (1, 2, 3).

Big love to all the acts for playing and to Michael Ozone, Patrick Adams, Sam Karmel, Yahna Fookes, Femi Adeyemi, Fergus McDonald, Alec Curtis, Shane Connolly, Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, Daragh Kan, Andee Frost, Tom Moore, Nick Murray, Lewie Day, Rachel Elliot-Jones, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Daniel Hunt, Steele Bonus and Kiloran Olivia for making this possible.

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