15/01/12 w/ DJ Yamantaka Eye

15/01/12 w/ DJ Yamantaka Eye

Bell Towers and I are finally getting some shut eye having wrapped up an unforgettable DJ tour for one of our all time heroes – Boredoms founder and mixed-media artist YAMANTAKA EYE. EYE’s style is like no other; frantic yet euphoric mind and body music. Playing Sydney Festival, Bamboo Musik and Sugar Mountain, these shows marked the first time he’d DJed outside Japan since a 1996 Australian tour, with each Hi-NRG set inspiring animalistic dancefloor movement and an ultimate state of consciousness. An incredible scene every time. If you ever have the opportunity to witness this anywhere in the world then DO IT!

Before jetting back to Osaka, EYE performed live-to-air in the 3RRR studios, channelling much calmer late night vibes while maintaining the same tribal and trance inducing elements of the club experience. It definitely ended the week on a high note! Photos courtesy of Biscuit.

Playlist 15 January 2012

takashi toyoda – snow
shusaku & dormu dance theater – kalimba
brian briggs – aeo
lord of the isles – to&fro (cos/mes remix)
testpattern – techno age
spike – magic table
nacash brothers – after winter
lord of the isles – to&fro (cos/mes remix)
imitation – narcissa
ryo kawasaki – lucky lady
gĂ©rard levecque/claude romat – poivre gris
mkwaju – mkwaju

**dj yamantaka eye live mix**

impossible playlist (sorry!)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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